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People like us are different. We are eternal travelers of this world. We constantly question who we are and why are we here and to what purpose do we serve. Seekers of truth. We search for answers but at the same time, we search for hope, for love and for salvation. The inquiries on existence, life and salvation are all that we carry on our imaginary baggage. For us, to live is to be in constant search for answers. Answers to questions that we barely understand.

There is nothing more in this world that I wish for but to be ordinary. To be like the girl who goes to church because her parents told her it was the right thing to do. Or someone who wakes up in the morning with the smell of breakfast and is content for merely being with someone who can love me. Or better yet, have a happy home, eat, sleep and never to answer to such questions as “Who am I?” or “Is there a God?”. To live by merely existing. But alas, my nature, my path, or maybe because I was simply born to question or to seek, makes it impossible for me to be one of "them".

The path towards finding beauty may require a little guidance from questions with answers, but to stay would mean ridding oneself of the desire to know. There is great beauty in looking for answers and finding nothing more but questions.

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They say it is the past that makes us who we are today. My magician, even now I keep his memory on an invisible chain around my neck. If you are close enough you could almost feel the power emanating from my fingers as I reach for it safely nestled against my chest.. I reach, but I never touch. That is always how it had been and will continue to be. That’s how this game is played between us. There is always a promise being made with every look, and with every move, without words being said. A true promise, a real promise but, as most of them go, they are never ever kept.

There are no words that could describe my love for him. He just looked at me, in a way that no one ever has before. And, I held my breath for what seemed like forever because I feared that if I didn't, my heart was going to cry out and wake the sleeping Gods. I'm still holding my breath. Waiting for someone to make me feel the same way he did so long ago. Waiting to be reinvented with one look, one smile, one touch, one kiss. Waiting to discover worlds within me that I couldn't reach alone... without a guide. Waiting.... waiting to exhale.

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