Can you hear it?
Or, do you hear nothing at all.
That is what I want you to listen to --

Now close your eyes. Shut out all light and imagine you are floating in a great void of forever. That is where I was when you last heard of me -dead: gone eternally from this world. Yet I am obviously not, and let me tell you dear reader; no one is more astonished by it than me.

I was baptized Merrique Marie Louise Mayfair, though I am simply Merrick to all. Through magic more powerful than I could ever conjure, I am back from the dead and live once again to walk upon this earth. I cannot express in words exactly what it was like to find myself among the living once more, yet in a body that not of my own. I have tried to capture the essence of this story in my journals, but the words pale and fall short of the true emotions that ran –no- stampeded like a herd of wild beasts through my mind.

I have failed terribly in my attempt to find my kin whose soul now is free from all worldly turmoil, surrendering to the light and taking my long dead sister with her. I alone take up residence in her lovely body and I alone shall keep it for eternity.

I am a child of the darkness once again; Lestat’s newest fledgling. I walk among the Immortals and take my place anew by their side. All is as it should be... for the second time around.

Surprised? Well, I always was full of surprises... the Mayfair women are notorious.

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