Welcome to Sublime Requiem

If this is your first visit here, then put aside all your tentative assumptions. Ignore the hype, even if I do have an undeniable talent for it. This isn’t really about all that’s gone before, or just a shimmering vision of what will happen if only the beautiful dead would kiss your dreams awake. We offer something entirely real.

Welcome to the Sublime Theater whose vibrant soul is community. Here you can expect to find warmth despite the cool touch of our flesh, and something altogether tangible behind the picaresque glow of electric paint.

Your playbill for your stay is the Guidelines a full reference guide to the Requiem and attending fiends, as well as the indispensable site Etiquette which we please ask you to read.

Stage right, click on the links to the resident immortal membership, into whose pages each have infused a little eternal, often eccentric quintessence as the Coven ever aspires to be Articulate. Most include links to an online journal.

But for the main act, visit the informal and vivacious Forums where we, the immortals await you, and there you will find shared passions, shenanigans and weighty debate- from the sincerely Sublime to the rampantly ridiculous. Community showcases the talents of some of our members, and other projects, while the Addendum promises you an evolving perspective on our world.

So, find yourself welcome. Come for the absolute simplicity of being with us here, for communication, discussion and a little shared warmth and humor. Come for the words and convivial company, and be assured that we do exactly the same.

~LdL 2004-5

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