Parisian Passions

Do you know who I am?
Do you wish to find out?
Do you think you can understand who I am by reading only bits and parts that were placed in a novel years ago?
So much of who I really am was left out.
My needs, desires, wants and cravings.

I am often called 'Vicious Beauty'.
Perhaps you will know this first hand should you come upon me one night.
Unfortunately it will probably be your last.
I am not one to feel pity for those I take.
Mercy has never played a part when I take what I want.
I leave no images of love nor desire in my victims either.
I see no reason to do so for a Mortal's fears are of no concern to me.

Other Immortals do not understand how one can be so uncaring and harsh.
I ignore them and they do the same for the most part.
I care for only one man for he is the one that I burn with desire for.
Only one understands the passion that is Celeste.
And this is my dear, Santiago.

Celeste 2005

Celeste for Sublime Requiem.
Mask from Background header design by Mona for Sublime Requiem