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Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles Interview with the Vampire The Vampire Lestat
Queen of the Damned Blood and Gold Pandora Vittorio
Queen of the Damned


VC Characters Vampire Coven Lestat Lestat
Louis Louis Marius Armand
Daniel Nicolas Khayman Pandora
Santino Akasha Akasha Claudia


Lestat and Louis Lestat vs Louis Blood Relations Armand and Marius
Armand and Marius Armand and Sybelle Lestat and Nicolas Lestat, Louis and Armand
Marius and Pandora Lestat and Gabrielle Lestat & Armand Louis & Armand
Lestat & Akasha Lestat & Claudia


Lestat's Beauty Marius Beauty


Blood Immortal Temptation of Amadeo Talamasca Lestat & Louis Fanfiction
Satan's Night Out Lestat & Louis Fanfiction Lestat & Louis Adult Fanfiction Lestat Musical
Theatre des Vampires VC Fanfics

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