graphics by soulkarma

Sui Juris

I cannot explain what has brought me out of my solitude and into this “virtual world.” I have a strong distaste for all things made by human hands and as I run my fingers over these plastic keys I question my own motives for stepping back into the world of the living once again. I do not miss any of them. In fact, I would be perfectly content to continue on down this devils road and never look upon another of my kind again.

I am not like the others. I do not long for mortal touch nor do I wish to walk amongst them. I am not a part of that world anymore. I have cast aside those aspects of my life like a snake sheds its skin, leaving behind all the human imperfections so long ago. I will never look back. I have no need or desire to think of that time. That life is as dead to me now as it was when I lived it. The birth of every new moon only serves to remind me that I hold the world in the palm of my hands and that I alone map my own destiny.

I need none one. I want no one. Do not try to seek me out for I do not wish to be found. I come and go as I please and when the mood strikes me, I will step into the city for a short time... into this dark little room to sit in this dusty wicker chair and bask in the glow of this tiny screen. I might even be convinced to share a thought or two. What do they think of me as I pass through the crowded nighttime streets to make my way here? My pale skin and carelessly braided blond hair must give me the appearance of a tourist from a far away land, but I am no lost wanderer, I am gabrielle. The entire world is my home. I have been here far longer than most of them and will remain here long after they are gone.

If I were to allow them the liberty of taking a closer look, the dirty safari jacket and the mud on my face would tell an entirely different story. I dwell in the jungles and sleep in the very womb of the Earth herself. All that I could ever want or need is provided for me and I couldn’t ask for a more peaceful yet invigorating existence. So I question myself again... what solace can I possibly find in taking these steps to make myself known to them all?

Again the question remains unanswered.

I am here. A few words in passing are all I have to give for now. I yearn for the feeling of the wind in my hair and the earth beneath my feet. Take what you will from the things written here because I cannot say what tomorrow night may bring.