We don't believe in censorship or a forbidding environment. Youíll find no such restrictions here, but only as long as the guidelines are followed. Just because we donít have an outright ban on profanity doesnít mean you should use it. If we deem your attitude to be deliberately incendiary or insulting in nature, you just might find your posts deleted and yourself banned.

We welcome opinions and suggestions. Feel at home. Self-expression is encouraged and we adore creativity. This is an independent and original site and we hope you will ornament and contribute to it freely.

Please present yourself clearly so we might all enjoy what you say and understand you sufficiently to frame a reply. We don't correct spelling mistakes or grammar, and we are here not to judge, but make it easy on us. You might well be conversant with more than one language, but everyone is presumed to speak English here, so don't go excluding others by slipping into another tongue, as charming as your tongue might be.

We consider it the gravest breach of our trust for anyone to use our community for the sly gain of another. Do not advertise any forums of a similar nature to Sublime Requiem here or to our membership, and this includes using our member listing or the private messaging system we provide. Donít make us bite. We do provide a sanctioned place for advertising our own membersí sites, which any member is welcome to use.

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