We have absolutely nothing to prove, one way or another. If you are trying to prove anything then you took a wrong turn at Metaphysics.

Your eccentric hosts all have immortal names, particularly those vampires named in The Vampire Chronicles. (Whoever you claim to be is your own affair.) If this prompts you to question our identity ignore the urge. We're not going to enter into any discussion about anything so irrelevant and itís no-oneís business but our own. This is not about belief, it is about community. We will accept you for who you are quite aside from any expectations raised by what you call yourself and we expect exactly the same.

Weíre fascinated by you. We invite open discussion and informal or meaningful exchange but don't mistake fond conversation for enduring love or other similar promises. There are none to give. Talk to us if it pleases you, but not with any expectation of blossoming romance or promises of immortality. Itís not going to happen.

Accept that we merely wish to talk with you, and there is nothing else to be had, no hidden agenda or grand conspiracy. In this vein, we will not participate in any discussion about calling you or meeting with you. We will do exactly neither at any time, so just don't ask us. For that matter, don't divulge your personal details to anyone on the Internet. Always take care of your online safety.

Lestat for Sublime Requiem © 2004

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