The Sublime Requiem site is freely accessible and frequently updated but the interactive forum is really where it’s at, and you will need to register there to gain access. Registration is free and easy to do.

To join you must be aged 13 or over and have a valid email address and yes, we really do check. You will –not- be spammed, though we will send you the occasional invitation to events and organized chats. All updates are posted on site.

You will be asked for a name by which you will be known. Please use this same name on the forum and in the chat room to avoid confusion. You may not take the name of a fellow immortal or one associated with them and you may not imply that you are a vampire, supernatural being or anything but a mortal person- whether you are or not.

Once you are registered, an email will be sent to the address you provided in confirmation. This email is often delivered to your bulk/spam/junk folder so please check there before contacting us. We’ll then approve and activate your account, usually within a few hours. A second email will then be sent to invite you to log in and enjoy the forums.

Lestat for Sublime Requiem © 2004

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