Respect is our watch word. That's the foundation upon which we base all that we do here. We expect our guests to adhere to a civilized code of conduct without exception, and we will restrict or ban any individual who wilfully flouts it, mortal and immortal alike.

Respect the beliefs and personal boundaries of others, no matter how frivolous the topic. Intolerance, aggression and disagreements of a personal nature donít belong here and will be subject to stricture or banning.

There is no absolute right or wrong. Each opinion is as valid as the next, so long as it does not trespass on the bounds of decorum or the rules that guide us all. A view point may still be valid even if you don't agree with it and in some cases especially if you donít agree with it. In other words, just be polite and don't flame.

Lestat for Sublime Requiem © 2004

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