You must be aged 16 or over to join our general forums. Anyone who does not conform to our age restrictions, or who misleads us thereon will be summarily banned. We take a responsible attitude to our content, but you have fair and clear warning that a site devoted to the interests of vampires is not in its nature child-friendly. So donít join then complain about the blood stains.

There is, in addition, a forum restricted to the use of those aged 18 and over, in which more adult themes may be pursued with few reservations. To join this, you must first be registered with us, then post a declaration of your age. If you are not yet 18, then you will be refused entry.

We fully understand that some issues which might be raised are of a sensitive nature. We will treat all such issues with sympathy but it can come as no surprise that we are not qualified counsellors or the answer to all your problems. This is not the place to discuss self-harming. If we are concerned for your safety we will contact your ISP or suitable authorities.

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