For those of you who donít know me and for those who do, Iíll introduce myself inside as you know I always love to do. The internet is the next logical step when all is said and done and I want to pirate these silvery seas. I want light, I want luster, I want it global, I want the fluttering of keys; little hearts all pitter pat, minds sharp as knives; I want the endless possibility of the great web of miracles, the luscious whisper of electronic prayers, banks of dreaming monitors all tilted my way. But for now, hereís the low down.

29 July 2007

Open for business, sweetheart. I have a lot more to say, but my ambitions have never been insignificant and this new medium is still something of a prodigious mystery to me. For now, click to the right.

Iíll add updates here.