Much has been written about the former Superior General of the Talamasca and I. That there was an immediate connection between Mr. Talbot and myself when I came to stay and live at Oak Haven so many years ago - is no mystery.

I was fourteen years of age when David walked into my life. The evening is still vivid in my mind. How befitting it had been, that dark and stormy night. Iíll not soon forget how the place was alight with the soft warm glow of oil lamps. The storm had knocked the power out and everything looked quite enchanting. I remember well the lavender shift that I was wearing. I felt rather pretty in it despite my bare feet. Though, it wasnít how you think. I was a serious child and had no use for girlish crushes; I didnít play with many typical toys as a child.

I think it is safe to say that I loved David from the moment I saw him, but not in a childish way. I loved him for his sophistication, his alluring intelligence and his genuine concern and caring for my well being. He played all roles in my life, father, mentor, friend and almost lover.

As I grew older I became all too aware that my feelings of affection were growing into feelings of loveÖthe love of a young woman for a much older man. Yet as I said, it wasnít how you might think. David was always perfectly chaste; a perfect gentleman and my best friend. He never would have done anything improper had I not talked him into it. Although, I will cherish our brief moment of passion forever and hope that he does as well.

I would and still do trust David with my very life. He is my confidant, my faith, my hope, my voice of reason and my heart. I would not have approached any other for help. I knew he would hear me eventually for whom I really was. I knew he would come to my aid and respect my wishes as he always had. Although events did not unfold as I had expected, I feel once again I am where I should be; I am content and at peace.

David is valor, honestly and strength. Our many years together have only served to bring up closer rather than tear us apart. When I thought he had perished into the afterlife, part of me died as well. Having him back in my life for eternity a second time, gaining a second chance, is nothing short of a miracle.

David is and forever will be my light in the continuous darkness in which we live.

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