Like all of you, I’ve read the many books entailing this ever fascinating one’s adventures. Yet it wasn’t until after I had become immortal for the first time, that I personally met Lestat: that fateful night – my first as a blood drinker - when I had discovered Louis’ burnt and blackened body after he’d failed to meet me. Lestat had saved Louis that night and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Lestat also immediately accepted me as part of his family. He was gracious and kind, non-accusing and non-judgmental. What ever has been said and written about this very flamboyant and very famous Vampire, these things need to be known. Lestat has always treated me with love and respect. He has even been sweet. Let me tell you of how I see him; let me share with you some of the wonders of this enigmatic, incorrigible, ebullient and always charming Vampire Extraordinaire.

Lestat’s beauty knows no bounds; he looks like a golden angel – Ra in human form. Everything about him shines like the sun – he positively sparkles like a precious jewel on fire with light. He is quick to temper, quick to forgive and quick to love. There is nothing distant or repressive about Lestat, he lives in the here and now – wasting nothing on the past. Lestat is all about the wonder of the new, if it’s available, he’ll be the first to have it. He never needs it – we actually need very little - but he has to explore everything and anything. The actor, the rock star! Who else could have pulled that one off? Who else would even have dared to try?

Lestat is all about intrepidity, discovery and exploration. Lestat will listen to no one – will go out of his way to break every rule and then some. He can be a formidable enemy – or the dearest, most trustworthy friend you’ll ever have. If he loves you, there is nothing that will tear him from your side in your hour of need. If you cross him, he is ferocious -deadly- and a devil to be reckoned with. He can be rash and impossible, yet there are times when he is quiet and reflective. Lestat can charge in like a lion or walk away with the softness of an infant’s breath.

I can’t say that I know him as well as others as our meetings were as brief as the flowering magnolias – but the memories as long lasting as their heavy sweet scent. Lestat loves life – Lestat embodies life – in fullness and with absolute clarity.

My allegiance to Lestat and his coven is unwavering. I would never betray him and it is a privilege to be part of his family and an honor to be called his friend.

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