Countless words have been written about this quiet, charming, yet always dangerous Vampire. I had first spotted him as a child. Even then I was able to mask my thoughts, although I sensed he was either not interested or unable to penetrate my mind.

Once, on a cool fall evening, he followed me down a dark alleyway, certain I would become his next victim. I heard his deliberate foot fall behind me, a long and gentle stride. Turning sharply on my heels, I sent a flurry of French in his direction, threatening to call up the dead if he didn’t leave me alone at once. His soft, almost aloof demeanor turned to shock and he froze almost in mid-step. Concern and alarm played across his face, for the longest time before our fateful meeting with David, I’d thought that I’d actually frightened him. I didn’t, he was merely taken aback.

Louis’ dark angelic beauty and shy mannerisms make him possibly the most irresistible of all. The reticent wonderer, tranquil death and both a lady’s and a man’s man – Monsieur de Pointe du Lac is and has been admired by many. This being carries himself with the calm confidence of royalty. An atramentous scepter from a far away enchanted land; he plays the shadows yet invites the light.

I am not the first, nor the last to be taken with this elusive blood drinker – yet he tends to remain independent and is most comfortable by himself reading his books by candle light in the quiet and darkest hours before dawn.

This is how I most often found the soft spoken, graceful, green-eyed French gentleman; alone, absorbed in the written word, and quite happy to be left so. Some have thought him brooding…repenting, yet it is that constant sad calmness that draws the watcher in – needing to understand just a little bit more. There are stories that lurk in Louis’ depths, some we know well. There is a fury that resides just beneath the surface waiting to spark and flare at the slightest provocation. All of this kept in subtle check as a slow small smile graces across his full lips and his eyes show a tiny glimmer of delight now and then. For the most part – silence and patience are Louis de Pointe du Lac’s constant guardians and companions.

His wrath is deadly, his love resilient and his refusal to simply accept his fate without penance, make him compelling and irrefutable.

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