What was the Talamasca really like? I’m sure you would like to know. This will be just the briefest taste on your pallet. It will be a quick skip across the finely polished wood floors, as this organization is powerful and doesn’t take lightly to restricted information being passed about like candy.

For most of my life, I knew only them. They were what I lived, loved and breathed. My world consisted of ‘We watch and we are always here”. I will not reveal their secrets of course, we’ve had enough trouble from them lately, and we value our peace and sanctuary.

Oak Haven is a beautiful building and property just outside of New Orleans, but it is nothing compared to the Motherhouse in England. Made completely of stone and located just four miles outside of London, the building, itself, is over five hundred years old. With four stories and numerous libraries, museums, and a number or reading rooms and living quarters, I can’t tell you how wondrous it was to live and learn there among the many secret treasures. Yet, there was an ominous, dangerous and yes…evil side to the order as well.

Deep in the bowels of this enormous building is a pit. You may have read about it. It is a place where traitors are thrown and left to die. I try not to think about it even now… There is a part of the order that we all try and forget. A secret society that has existed for possibly over a thousand years has many facets and faces. It is believed they were originally started by the Knights of Templar, no one really knows.

There are houses all over the world –some more secret than others- and its members are required to follow the strictest rules and guidelines. They were engrained in me from a very early age, and I quickly moved up the ranks to become a very senior member at a relatively young age. I had access to many things, treasures in vaults that were forbidden to others.

The Talamasca was my family for so many years it’s difficult to think I am no longer a part of them, yet I betrayed them for the desire to know and ‘be’ in the blood. They have never forgiven me and I will never venture near them again if I can avoid it. We did not part on good terms.

To devote a millennium and possibly longer to the study of the paranormal is paramount. There is nothing like this order in the world, nor will there ever be. Ghosts and Vampires just scratch the surface of what they’ve been studying. Some things are not so interesting; others are considerably more frightening and more of a threat.

I wish I could tell you more, but that would spark another feud and I’ve caused enough trouble, don’t you think?

Just remember: They really do ‘Watch’ and they really are ‘Always Here’. They are those whom you will never notice, passers by, ordinary looking people drinking coffee or tea at the local café, all the while scribbling furiously on a notepad that goes everywhere with them.

I have been to many places around the world researching and investigating paranormal activities. The Talamascan financial resources seem limitless. No one knows where they have acquired or how they maintain their vast wealth. There are countless, priceless treasures within their vaults, there are members with telekinetic skills that would shock you.

I have witnessed things you could not even possibly imagine…

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